Are you ready for the Super Bowl? Leave that laser pointer at home!

24 January 2019

Are you ready for the Super Bowl?  If you are going, invite me, and don’t bring a laser pointer with you!

The NFL is on alert for laser pointers at the Super Bowl after Tom Brady was menacingly dotted by a green beam repeatedly in Sunday’s AFC nail-biter in Kansas City — and a Hub eye doctor is urging the QB to get his eyes checked for retina damage before the big game.

Laser pointers can be useful for presentations and playing with your feline friends (as long as you keep the laser away from their eyes), but should never be pointed directly at the eyes. 

They are regulated here in the U.S., but go online, and you can purchase more powerful ones.

Even regulated laser pointers can cause damage to the retina. I’m not saying to wear protective eyewear when using them, but just use caution and keep the beam away from the eyes.

Need a quick lesson on the classes of lasers?  Check out this blog:  Managing Risks Associated with Lasers

When using more powerful lasers for medical or industrial applications, laser protection is needed.  When using lasers for surgery, all parties in that room should be wearing eyewear.  There should also be laser blocking material, or a laser blocking blind on any windows.  The reflection of the laser can bounce around and go through a window even if the laser is not pointed at it.  Manufacturers often times use room enclosures to ensure the laser beam is kept inside and will not harm others in the work area.

Not sure if you need laser protection?  Give us a call at 770-332-0092 or send us an email.  We can help to provide you with the laser protection you need, and let you know if you don’t need it!

Laser Pointer Safety