Benefits of Outdoor LED Signage for Your Business

13 February 2018

Outdoor LED signs are affordable and cost-effective to use.  They are both energy efficient and environmentally friendly.  LED signs are low voltage, so they consume less power.  An LED sign can last from 50,000 to 100,000 hours.  They are durable and low maintenance, in comparison to neon and fluorescent signs.

Outdoor LED SignageLED signs do not contain gases that can leak out over time and cause the sign to dim.  Additionally, they do not need protection from the elements.  Another advantage of LED signs is that they are typically thinner and lighter weight than other types of signage, which may reduce the cost of shipping and installation.

Effective signage needs to be visible, whether viewed in bright sunlight or after dark.  High brightness LED signs ensure that your message can be read in strong sunlight.  The lettering or logo must be large enough and sufficiently bright to be read at a distance.  Outdoor LED signage can provide maximum visibility for your business needs.

Outdoor LED signs can be customized to meet the needs of the business.  RT Technologies carries the Lasermet Ultra 580 IP66, an outdoor sign that has dual messaging capability.  A customized message can display in red, and then a second message can display green.  For single messages, in addition to red and green, other colors (Blue, White, Yellow, Pink) are available.  All messages are secret until lit.  Outdoor signs must hold up in harsh weather conditions.  The Lasermet Ultra 580 IP66 is designed to withstand wind and rain, successfully keeping out water droplets even when subjected to powerful water jets.  It is also sealed to prevent the ingress of dust.  Dirty screens are harder to read, and dust and dirt may reduce light output.

If your business is considering installing or replacing outdoor signage in 2018, consider upgrading to a weatherproof Lasermet LED sign.  It can provide a good return on investment in just a short time.