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An Introduction to Laser Blocking Blinds

12 June 2019

An Introduction to Laser Blocking Blinds Laser Blocking Blinds are suitable for many applications involving the use of lasers.   For example, use cases can be found in the Healthcare market — specifically in patient operating rooms, ambulatory centers, and dentist / doctor offices.  Our Laser Blocking Blinds create a safe barrier between the laser and […]

Essentials for Building a Laser Control System

31 May 2019

Laser Control Systems (Interlock Systems) are a method of ensuring that dangerous (Class3 and 4) lasers are contained.  Interlock systems, with proper implementation, will limit the laser access to qualified, trained individuals.  The Interlock system prevents harm to those who are not properly trained on the safe use and operation of a laser. Laser control […]

A Brief Overview of Laser Regulations and Compliance

17 May 2019

Does your company manufacture or import products that contain lasers? If so, you must comply with the regulations under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA), Chapter V, Subchapter C – Electronic Product Radiation Control, that applies to manufacturers of Laser products.  Therefore, you need an accession number from the FDA. In the USA, […]

FDA Certification of your Laser Enclosure

9 May 2019

FDA Certification of your Laser Enclosure Your company has acquired a laser that you now need to build an enclosure for. When asking for quotes for a laser enclosure, be sure to ask if they come with FDA Certification. If not, move on. That is not something you want to tackle yourself, unless you are […]

Do I need laser safety equipment in my dental practice?

24 April 2019

Do I need laser safety equipment in my dental practice?  Laser use in dental practices has developed significantly in the past 20 years.  If your practice owns a laser, the registered laser owner is responsible for ensuring that all personnel in your office have comprehensive knowledge of laser safety.  There are federal and/or international regulations […]

Do I need laser protective eyewear?

10 April 2019

Do I need laser protective eyewear? Yes!  Not only does eyewear protect your patient from the laser, it also protects them from other objects and liquids that could make contact with their eyes.  When patients sit in the chair, they can be exposed to so many things that could injure the head, neck, and eyes. […]

How to find the optimal laser barrier

15 March 2019

Laser Barriers range in size from a small window to a full enclosure that can encompass large airplane components. What do you need for your laser setup? Here are some things to consider when you are shopping for a laser barrier system. If you are operating a laser in an environment where only trained laser […]

Are you ready for the Super Bowl? Leave that laser pointer at home!

24 January 2019

Are you ready for the Super Bowl?  If you are going, invite me, and don’t bring a laser pointer with you! The NFL is on alert for laser pointers at the Super Bowl after Tom Brady was menacingly dotted by a green beam repeatedly in Sunday’s AFC nail-biter in Kansas City — and a Hub […]

Managing Risks Associated with Lasers

5 November 2018

Laser users should be aware of the risks involved with their equipment. Not all lasers present the same hazards. Proper understanding and training of the particular laser being used, and its dangers, is necessary to avoid injury. Lasers with visible beams are categorized into four classes. Class 2 These relatively weak lasers are not a […]

Laser Safety for Industrial Applications

30 September 2018

High powered lasers are frequently used in industrial applications. Their widest use is in the processing of materials including cutting, drilling, and welding. New applications are being developed all the time. In addition, laser processing can be controlled by computers. Lasers make it possible to effectively cut or drill through materials that are either too […]

Laser Safety in the Dental Industry

31 August 2018

Laser use is becoming more common in the dental industry. The FDA has approved two types of lasers for dental procedures- hard tissue lasers and soft tissue lasers. The use of lasers is a precise and effective way to perform a number of dental procedures. Hard tissue lasers are used primarily for preparing the teeth […]

RT Technologies Adds Mobile Camera to Product Safety Line

31 May 2018

At RT Technologies we’re pleased to announce a new product to our line of workplace and industrial safety devices.  We now carry the WiFi Mobile Camera by Innovative Industrial Solutions.  The primary applications for this camera include: Situations where rapid deployment or mobile use is required Second verification quality assurance Quality control video inspections The […]

How Custom LED Signs Can Benefit Your Business

27 April 2018

LED signs are appropriate for many types of businesses and industries. They can be used in various settings, both inside a facility and outdoors. Customization enables businesses to communicate a clear message to customers, clients, and staff. LED signs provide a good return on investment, since they are inexpensive to purchase and last a long […]

Laser Blocking Vision Panels for Medical Users

31 March 2018

RT Technologies carries laser safety products designed to fit into the door or window openings of medical facilities. These laser blocking vision panels effectively guard against the escape of laser beams used in medical procedures. X-ray shielded vision panels are an option. Laser blocking slatted blinds prevent x-ray radiation and laser beams from escaping outside […]

Laser Safety- How to Ensure Your Company Is OSHA Compliant

19 February 2018

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was created by Congress as part of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970.  The purpose of OSHA is to assure safe and healthful conditions in the workplace.  OSHA sets and enforces safety standards, as well as providing training, education, and assistance.  Most private employers and their […]

Benefits of Outdoor LED Signage for Your Business

13 February 2018

Outdoor LED signs are affordable and cost-effective to use.  They are both energy efficient and environmentally friendly.  LED signs are low voltage, so they consume less power.  An LED sign can last from 50,000 to 100,000 hours.  They are durable and low maintenance, in comparison to neon and fluorescent signs.

Lasermet LTD Sales Conference

12 January 2018

RT Technologies will be attending the Lasermet LTD Sales Conference in January 2018 in Liverpool, UK.  Melody Castleberry and Wendy Sheppard will be representing RT Technologies.  We look forward to this occasion every year to learn about exciting new products from Lasermet.  It also gives us the opportunity to work together and attend training classes […]

RT Technologies Inc. Wins NASA Langley (VA) Laser Safety Contract

6 December 2017

RT Technologies Inc was awarded the primary Laser Safety System contract for the new NASA Langley (Norfolk, VA) Naval Research Facility in May 2017.  WM Jordan Company  (Newport News, VA)  is the project’s General Contractor, with Bay Electric Co. Inc (Newport News, VA) serving as the prime Electrical Contractor.  RT Technologies (RTT) is the exclusive […]

Do you need Laser Interlocks for your Lab or Work Area?

27 June 2017

Let us take the complexity out of designing and delivering a turn-key system—–use our simple Interlock Worksheet to step you through the design requirements.  Once completed, we can have a proposal to you quickly!   3-4 weeks later, your lab can be fully complaint from a laser safety interlock perspective! The ICS-6 Interlock System can be […]