*New Product* Audio Alert Suitable for Outdoor Use!

28 May 2014

RT Technologies is now offering the Audio Alert in a weatherized case  Suitable for outdoor use! The Audio Alert IP65 system, suitable for outdoor use, is a local public address system that audibly delivers a pre-programmed message when triggered. The message is heard from a speaker integrated into the compact unit, which is triggered by one of the following […]

What Should You Use To Clean Your Laser Safety Curtains?

27 September 2012

What should I use to clean my laser safety curtains? After talking with our manufacturer and several industrial laser safety customers, here some recommendations on how to clean your curtains in a hospital or any medical setting. -Lite soap and water maybe used. -Windex or a multipurpose cleaner -3M’s HB Quat Disinfectant Cleaner   Lite […]