Creating Eye-Catching Content for Your Smart Signs

2 November 2017

If you’re looking to grab the attention of potential customers, smart signs can be a creative way to set your business apart of the crowd. 

Businesses today are using digital programmable smart signs in a number of practical applications.  Outdoor signs highlight your business and direct customers to your location.

Customizing your signage for your space

For optimal results, signs need to be large enough and bright enough to be read from a distance.  Indoor signage is generally smaller and communicates specific information, such as ‘Room in Use’, ‘No Entry’, ‘Occupied’, or ‘Biohazard’.  These standard types of messages are often readily available without customization.  Businesses needing industry specific signage would need to custom order their signs.

Attracting new customers

According to, one survey found that 45% of people report stopping at a business on impulse.

Outdoor signage draws customers to your business and can therefore be more creative.  Eye-catching design and content can help your company achieve maximum exposure.  It can determine whether a business is successful or folds.  Smart signs with custom graphics, wording, and colors will help your business stand out among others.  Special software interfaces can allow messages to be programmed to fit any application.

Developing the right imagery

Effective outdoor signage should be easy to read.  Here are some factors to consider when designing your sign.  Typeface should be simple and large.  Fancy script is much more difficult to read, as are signs in all capital letters.  Too much text can be confusing and hard for the reader to process.  Approximately 30%-40% of the signage should be blank space or white space.  Color combinations should be visually pleasing to the eye.  Too many colors can detract from the message.  White text on a colored background can be hard to visually process.

Generating brand awareness

Imagery on your signage can be eye-catching, but it should directly connect to your business.  It needs to make sense.  Otherwise, it just creates confusion in the mind of the customer.  Your business logo is often the best choice when considering graphics for your signage.  That will help build brand awareness for your product or services.