How Custom LED Signs Can Benefit Your Business

27 April 2018

LED signs are appropriate for many types of businesses and industries. They can be used in various settings, both inside a facility and outdoors. Customization enables businesses to communicate a clear message to customers, clients, and staff. LED signs provide a good return on investment, since they are inexpensive to purchase and last a long time. Here are some advantages and benefits of LED signs.

Signs need to be visible in order to be effective. Outdoor LED signs can be easily read in bright sunlight and in the dark. This helps customers find your business. Indoor LED signage is usually smaller but communicates an important message to employees and clients. Indoor LED signs are often used in medical facilities, laboratories, and industrial settings to provide warnings such as x-ray equipment in use, lasers in use, or biohazard. They can also alert people that access to specific areas of a facility are restricted or prohibited. Because these signs are illuminated, they can be easily read at a distance.

Outdoor LED signs are designed to withstand wind and rain. They are sealed to keep out dirt and dust, an important feature for indoor or outdoor use. The materials used are quite strong, protecting the sign against damage and breakage. LED signs are low maintenance; few repairs are necessary.

Environmentally Friendly
Led signs are energy efficient because they are low voltage. This makes them cost effective for businesses to use. An LED sign can last from 50,000 to 100,000 hours. There are no gases that can leak out into the environment over time.

Outdoor LED sign

Weatherproof LED sign

RT Technologies carries Lasermet LTD signs that can be customized with text, graphics, and colors to fit many applications. Standard, large, and low-profile sizes are available, as well as the thin profile Slim Jim and the LED Mini. Single, double, or dual aspect versions are available on laser warning signs. Lasermet LTD signs have a professional, aesthetically pleasing appearance.