Do you need an interlock system for your laser?

27 September 2019

Laser Interlock Equipment PositionsDo you need an interlock system for your laser?

Most likely, the answer is yes.  The main function of a laser interlock system is to prevent inadvertent access of untrained people to a designated laser area where they may be at risk of exposure to a harmful laser emission.

We provide easy to install, turn-key interlock systems.  Please see the example to the right.

Interlock systems maintain a protective function in the event of component failure.  It also prevents inadvertent exposure to a harmful laser beam.  It does this by either switching off the laser power supply or operating a beam shutter across the laser beam.  When a beam shutter is used, you must be sure that the shutter is capable of withstanding the laser beam.

There are two types of laser interlock systems:

  • Non-Locking – Shuts down the laser or engages the shutter in the event of someone opening the door.  An override button can be installed in case someone needs to enter/leave the room while the laser is in use.
  • Locking – This physically prevents unauthorized access to a laser area and therefore eliminates unwanted interruptions to the laser emission.

The room should also have a warning sign.  This sign can be hooked up to the interlock controller.  When the laser is in use, a danger message will appear in Red.  When the laser is off, a safe message will appear in green.  This minimized unnecessary interruptions to the laser operation.

Sometimes only a section of the room will be used as a designated laser area.  If this is the case, you can use a curtain to section it off.  The principles above apply in this situation.  However, you must be sure that the curtain ensures that no inadvertent exposure is possible through any gaps and that the contact between the curtain and the adjacent surface are sufficient to ensure the interlock is triggered.  You should have interlocking bars on both sides of the curtain to prevent accidental exposure.

Interlock systems can also be used on industrial enclosures.  If you need an enclosure, we can help design the enclosure and interlock system.  This is a turn-key solution and comes with FDA certification.

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