How Much Does The Mini LED Sign Cost?

26 November 2014

One of the first questions a LED Sign customer asks themselves when they begin the process of buying a LED Warning Sign:

How much does a LED Sign cost, and what are the expected prices for the different types and sizes of LED Signs?

Unfortunately, most industrial LED Sign customers run into a roadblock when they research online as to how much a LED Sign cost.

This blog will attempt to answer the above questions, but please keep in mind that LED prices can vary drastically from small to large LED Signs.


Mini LED Signs

There are three pricing components in purchasing a Mini LED Sign. Does the customer need a two state (On / Off) or a three state LED sign (see above) and how will the sign be powered. The Mini LED signs will cost $465 each for either the two or three state sign.

The other factor is how will you power the sign?

These LED signs only use an extra low voltage (24V DC); low energy, low profile signs and any electrician can wire and mount the signs if low voltage is available.

For signs that are to be hand switched (rather than automatically switched) a power supply with 2 or 3 way switch is available. RT Laser Safety will provide a power supply for $180 per sign. This wall or desk mountable unit has clear visual indication of the sign state, including an LED in the end of the switch toggle, which lights up the color of the sign. The Mini power supply operates only one compact LED sign.

Custom Wording Available
We are also able to do LED signs with custom wording and symbols to your requirements. Please contact our Sales Department for information.

• Dimensions: 160 mm wide x 108 mm high x 38.5 mm deep
• Weight: 160g
• Voltage: 24 VDC
• Power Consumption: 150mA at 24VDC (3.6W)

Visit our small LED warning sign types page to see the standard variations which are available.

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