Are Laser Blinds easy to install?

28 September 2012

Laser Blind on Door
Installing Encapsulated Laser Safety Blinds sounds complex, hard or something an engineer is needed to complete, but its easier then it sounds.

I am a sales and marketing person, and I was able to install my first ever encapsulated laser safety blind in about an hour without instructions or phone support.

The hardest part for me was finding all the tools I needed to use.

Here is a list of tools I needed: phillips head screw driver, tape measure, No 2 pencil and a Level.

After I gathered all the tools, I laid out the (9) different parts of the blinds on the window frame as it should appear once completed. You may need someone to help assist you with this, and I had our owner Rich help out with this.

Then I measured and re-measured the top of the laser blocking blind head as to how we wanted the laser safety blind heads to appear horizontally and level. This let me know where the clamps were to be placed then screwed into the wood. Again I used the leveler to make sure the blind head was level. This is key, unless you want to mess up and do it again like I did. It only happened once.

Once all this is done use the phillips screw driver to screw in the wood. (Please note if the window frame is metal the install process will be a little different.) Once you are done with this step, check the blind head and make sure it is still level.

The vertical side rails use the same process as above, but you will need to make sure all the side rail clamps fit together, and they are level before you tighten the screw or before you snap the side rails into place.

At the end of about one hour, I had installed my first blind and it actually functioned correctly, and it was level. (See picture above.) Not bad for a sales and marketing guy.

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