Laser Interlock Design and Quoting Form

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Interlock Design Form

Information Required for Designing and Quoting Interlock Systems
  • Laboratory, Operating Room, etc.
    (non-locking system is normal configuration; locking system used where interruption of the laser process is undesirable – i.e. operating theatres, production processes, long experiments )
  • E.g. Wood, steel, plastic, other? The most important factor is whether there is steel in the door or frame:
  • i.e. swing both inside and outside the room – normally it can be assumed that there aren’t any double action doors
  • for authorized entry and exit without interrupting the laser
  • emergency stop / door release breakglasses are always fitted on locking systems for reasons of emergency access
  • available interfaces – external beam shutter, interlock connector operator, interlocked mains supply – all available simultaneously
  • in particular is it likely to be more than 6 A. Is this single or three phase?
  • In particular, do any of the lasers exceed 20 W average output?
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, ppt.

Interlock Controller







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