Laser Blocking Vision Panels for Medical Users

31 March 2018

RT Technologies carries laser safety products designed to fit into the door or window openings of medical facilities. These laser blocking vision panels effectively guard against the escape of laser beams used in medical procedures. X-ray shielded vision panels are an option. Laser blocking slatted blinds prevent x-ray radiation and laser beams from escaping outside the area where they are in use. These safety products are appropriate for use in hospitals, surgical centers, medical imaging centers, and physician’s offices. RT Technologies is the exclusive North American sales distributor for these safety products manufactured by Lasermet LTD.

Installation and Standards

Laser blocking slatted blinds are installed within the standard door and window openings and are ordered as standard or flush fit units. The panels can also be retrofitted to existing openings. A retrofit unit allows the existing glazing of doors to be easily upgraded. These laser safety products made by Lasermet LTD have been tested in accordance with IEC 60825-4 standards. The international standards specify the requirements for laser guards and all component parts of a guard, including clear screens and viewing windows, panels, laser curtains, and walls.
Operation and Hygienic Properties

Operation of the slatted blinds is by a manual lever on one side of the window. A double sided lever option enables the blind to be open or closed from both sides. A motorized version is also available which can be used with an interlock system. Slats in the closed position block the laser light. Glass panels are sealed tightly, with no crevices that harbor dirt or bacteria. Toughened glass of 0.24 inch thickness prevents dust and infection from entering.

Optional Features
• Blackout glass
• Obscure glass
• Security glass
• Antibacterial coated glass
• Insulated and non-insulated 30-60 minute fire glass
• X-ray shielding

Contact RT Technologies about our full range of laser safety products and services. Our Laser Safety Officers can provide consulting services and laser safety auditing. We also offer customized laser training safety courses.