Designing a Laser Entry System

23 July 2019

ICS-KP-12 Interlock Keypad for use with ICS-5 ControllerDesigning a laser entry system may seem like a daunting task.  But, it can as simple as filling out our design form.  Our ICS-6 Interlock system provides a fail-safe Interlock System.  The ICS-6 Controller prohibits unauthorized personnel from laser radiation areas.

For example, if someone opens a door when the laser is on, the ICS-6 controller is notified and it shuts off power to the laser. Of course, there is an option for authorized personnel to enter the room when the laser is on.  To clarify, The ICS-KP-12 keypad (pictured on the right) restricts entry into the room when the laser is in use.   However, an authorized user can punch in a code to enter the room without interrupting the laser process.

The ICS-6 interlock controller is effective, reliable, and highly flexible.  For example, the standard ICS-6 can be expanded to have 9 Interlock outputs by adding the IB9 Interlock board.   The ICS-6 can be connected to other ICS-6 controllers to operate as a master or slave unit.

Interlock systems are used in laboratories, hospitals, universities, and industrial facilities. For example, we have provided interlock systems to NASA Langley.

Every interlock system should have these basic components:

  1. ICS-6- Interlock Controller
  2. Access Keypad
  3. Laser Beam Shutters
  4. Interlock connector cables
  5. Door Interlock Switches
  6. LED Warning Sign
  7. Emergency Stop Buttons

For additional information on these components, please see our blog on essentials for building a laser control system.

Some laser entry systems are complex and require multiple controllers, expansion boards, logic, etc.  Therefore, to ensure a fast and easy installation, a schematic is an option we can quote to you.

You will be asked to fill out our interlock design form.  As a result, this ensures we supply every part you need for a successful install.

In conclusion, those are the basics of a laser entry system.  Please get in touch with us with any questions at 770-332-0092 or  Likewise, you may fill out the form below to get in touch with us.
Most importantly, we look forward to helping you with your laser entry system needs.
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