Laser Safety in the Dental Industry

31 August 2018

Dental Laser Safety EyewearLaser use is becoming more common in the dental industry. The FDA has approved two types of lasers for dental procedures- hard tissue lasers and soft tissue lasers. The use of lasers is a precise and effective way to perform a number of dental procedures.

Hard tissue lasers are used primarily for preparing the teeth for fillings. Soft tissue lasers are used for the removal of bacteria during root canal procedures, biopsy and lesion removal, reshaping of diseased gum tissue, exposing wisdom teeth, clinical crown lengthening, and removal of tissue overgrowth in the throat contributing to sleep apnea. Lasers allow dentists to treat very specific areas without damaging surrounding tissue.

Laser Safety Eyewear

Laser safety products protect both staff and patients during a dental procedure. Laser safety eyewear is a necessity. To select the proper staff or patient eyewear, it’s essential to know the laser’s wavelength, the recommended optical density (OD), and the proper filter. RT Technologies can help dental offices select the right product. We carry eyewear styles by Lasermet and Laservision USA, including the model F22 shield and model D12 glasses. Both have polycarbonate lenses that are hard coated and unbreakable. Glasses are available in different frame styles and have a 5 year warranty. All laser safety eyewear conforms to international standards and directives and is ANSI and CE certified.

Laser Safety Signs

Laser safety signs should warn staff and patients when lasers are in use. RT Technologies carries two types of signs that can be used in dental offices. The  LED Mini can designate rooms where lasers are in use. These cost effective signs are ultra-low energy, consuming just 3.6 watts. Mini LED signs are low voltage signs, not connected to the main electricity. An optional power supply unit is available. Signs measure 6.3 inches in width, 4.3 inches in height, and 1.5 inches in depth. Available messages include ‘Laser in Use’ and ‘Danger- Laser On’. The LED Mini comes as a 2 state sign or a 3 state sign with both red and green messages displayed on one sign. They can be mounted beside a door at chest level, where easily seen. These signs are virtually maintenance free, lasting more than 50,000 operational hours.

Another option is the Slim Jim, a thin profile sign measuring 14 inches x 4 inches, and only 11mm thick. Available standard messages for the Slim Jim sign include ‘Laser in Use’ and ‘Laser On’. These signs run on 110V power, with no additional power supply or transformer.