LED Signs – Easy install for security and electrical contractors

1 June 2017

Our LED signs are a great fit for business with security systems and are also an easy install option for electrical contractors.  LED Signs - Easy Install

Our Slim Jim Backlit LED sign is 110V AC and can be directly wired to a light switch.

If you are looking for low voltage, Our Mini and Ultra LED signs run on 24V DC.  These signs also have the option of having two messages (one red, and one green) on the same sign.   We do have an optional power supply that can covert 110V to 24V if needed.

We offer several standard messages, such as:

Room In Use, Occupied, Do Not Enter, In Use, Lab In Use, Laser On – just to name a few.

We can also customize a sign with any message you want for an additional one time charge.

If you’d like to see other areas our signs would work well in, please download our application guide here: Application Guide