*New Product* Audio Alert Suitable for Outdoor Use!

28 May 2014

RT Technologies is now offering the Audio Alert in a weatherized case 

Suitable for outdoor use!

The Audio Alert IP65 system, suitable for outdoor use, is a local public address system that audibly delivers a pre-programmed message when triggered. The message is heard from a speaker integrated into the compact unit, which is triggered by one of the following options:

1. PIR – passive infrared detector

2. Application of 6 to 24VDC

3. Programmed Timer


So, next time you want to automatically warn, instruct or inform
someone in the vicinity, just decide on the message, which can
be up to 40 seconds long.  We can pre-program the device to your specification.

Two messages can be recorded and one these can be selected by a keyswitch.


  1. Audio Alert IP65 powered by 6VDC to 24VDC Supply Order Part No. AA-05-PIR
  2. Audio Alert IP65 with self contained rechargeable battery Order Part No. AA-05-PIR-BAT
  3. Battery charger for the battery powered Audio Alert Order Part No. AA-05-BC
  4. Adjustable mounting bracket with secure locking system Order Part No. AA-05-WMK.
  5. Compatible microphone system. The message can be recorded by the customer using the  microphone and connector system. Order Part No. AA-MIC

The volume of the audible announcement can be adjusted internally during the installation process. To prevent tampering of the volume the adjustment feature is kept within the unit.

Optional functions, which are decided at the point of ordering, include the facility to hear a single message on triggering or to have it repeated at specified intervals.

Messages can be delivered once on triggering and then repeated. It can be delayed for up to an hour. This reduces the possibility of the message becoming a nuisance. If the device is used in a temporary situation it can be returned  to be reprogrammed with an alternative message.

You may download the Weatherized Audio Alert Brochure here.

Please contact us with any questions!  770-332-0092 or email contact@rtlasersafety.com