Should I upgrade to the newest version of LaserSafe PC?

20 March 2019

There is a new version available of LaserSafe PC – version 5.4.  If you have the LaserSafe PC laser safety calculation software, your current version may be out of date and need to be upgraded.

Depending on your existing version you may find that it does not comply with the latest internationally accepted laser safety standards.
The situation is defined by the following documents:
If you have LaserSafePC version 4.0 or earlier please read:  Why upgrade LaserSafe PC from 4.0 to 5.4
If you have LaserSafePC version 5.0, 5.1, 5.2 or 5.3 please read:  Why upgrade LaserSafe PC from 5.0 to 5.4

To check on the version number please start the LaserSafePC program and click “Help” and then “About LaserSafe PC”.

If you need to upgrade, please contact us for pricing.  We can be reached at 770-332-0092 or

Don’t have LaserSafe PC?  You should, because it will make your calculations a breeze!  Please check out the most noteworthy benefits below and here:  LaserSafe PC

Also, Fully compliant for standards with IEC/EN 60825-1 : 2014ANSI Z136.1 – 2014 and CDRH 21 CFR § 1040.10.
Furthermore, Fully compliant for safety spectacles with EN 207 : 2017 and EN 208 : 2009.
Enables those with little expertise to quickly assess Laser situations for safety.
As a result, greatly simplifies and speeds up the process of safety analysis for those with expertise.
Enables speedy evaluation of how to rectify an unsafe situation.
Consequently, takes the tedium out of calculations which involve a lot of mathematics, searching through tables and applying correction factors.
Enables basic laser product classification.
Guides the user to the recommended Laser Safety Signage.
LaserSafe PC has been developed for experimentation use and as a training exercise for University students.
Currently being used by major academic, medical, military and commercial institutions, nationally and internationally for assessment of laser safety related situations.
Assistant  is designed to help and inform you every step of the way.
Certainly an indispensable tool for anyone using powerful lasers and other high brightness sources.
Still the de facto standard software for Laser Safety.
Automatic updates from the web.
LaserSafe PC Software

Screenshot of LaserSafe PC Software