Optical Table Laser Guarding System – Optoblok

26 June 2013

Optoblok, the Optical Table Laser Guarding System, is designed specifically to reduce the risk of stray laser beams being inadvertently directed at personnel in the laser optics laboratory.


The Optoblok system fits neatly onto optical tables to provide an 11.8 inches high wall.  The modular system is easily constructed and maximizes the opportunity for safe working while at the same time allowing virtually unlimited access to the table and its components.

Our simple to use parts list compiler makes it easy to receive your quote.  Simply fill out the spreadsheet, and email it to contact@rtlasersafety.com.  We will then email you a quote for your Optoblok system.

For more information on the Optoblok, you may download the brochure here.

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