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First Time Purchasing Laser Blocking Curtains?

Most potential laser blocking curtain customers are typically purchasing the curtains for the

first time, and they have many questions and concerns needing to be answered. These laser safety curtains are not your typical curtains. They are used to guard and protect users against exposure to harmful laser beams.

Here are just a few facts about laser blocking curtains.

  • The laser safety curtains are designed to be passive guards to enclose an area where Class 3 B or Class 4 lasers are in use.

  • The curtains are used to protect against accidental exposure to the laser beam.

  • The laser blocking curtains protect against laser radiation at lower power densities.

  • All RT laser safety laser blocking products are CE marked and certified to EN 60825-4

  • The weight of the material is 0.3 lbs/sq. ft.

Laser safety curtains protect against exposure to laser beams.

Should the white or black side be facing the area with the laser?

Both sides will block laser radiation. We encourage customers to use the white side as the laser-blocking side. This enables a higher specification of blocking to be achieved, making the curtain suitable for higher power lasers.

What sizes do your curtains come in?

All of our curtains are custom made to your specifications, so you get the perfect fit for your area.

What is the lead time?

The lead time varies between 2 to 4 weeks. This can be shorter or longer depending on orders that come in daily.

Do you provide curtain tracks?

We can provide you a quote for a curtain track. Often times it is less expensive to source this from a company near you.

Can I cover a window with a curtain if I don't want a blind?

Absolutely! The curtain and blind material are exactly the same. If you do know what a blind, we have a couple of different options for you.

  1. We can sew Velcro onto the material so you can attach it around the window. (no extra cost)

  2. We can sew magnets into the material if you have a frame around the window that is magnetic (additional cost).

Need a quote? Shoot us an email with the width x height of the curtains you need and we will send you over a quote!

Should you have any questions concerning laser safety, please contact us at 770-332-0092 or email us at and we will be happy to educate you on laser blocking curtains.

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