Access Prohibited Signs

RT Technologies provides a complete portfolio of Access Prohibited Signs.

We offer contemporary LED Access Prohibited Signs  (Low Profile LED and Large Area LED) and traditional Illuminated  warning signs for all industrial applications.

Large Area LED  Signs

These slimline signs can be mounted at any height without causing obstruction or hazard.  Ultra signs are available in either Standard or Large Size. Standard size is 18.5 inches wide, while large size is 31.1 inches wide. Both options are seven inches high and just one inch thick.

The signs operate from 24 VDC, which is safer and cheaper to install than mains wiring. The sign is secret when not lit, and the front panel tint is balanced for maximum contrast.

access prohibited-470-yellowaccess prohibited-470-redaccess prohibited-790-yellow

LEDS-ULT-470-AP-Y             LEDS-ULT-470-AP-R              LEDS-ULT-790-AP-Y

Access Prohibited Ultra


View available 470mm Signs
View available 790mm Signs
Large ‘Access Prohibited Signs’ specification


Thin Profile LED No Entry Sign

Slim Jim No Entry


Slim Jim is a new thin profile backlit LED sign. At only approximately 11mm thick, this extremely thin LED sign runs directly from mains power with no additional power supply or transformer and fits UK, US and European mains power single and double socket back-boxes.

The Slim Jim is intended to be wall mounted on a standard electrical box.  Using standard electrical boxes reduces the cost of installation in new builds.  The box for the sign can be installed by the electrician during ‘first fix’ when the wiring is run.  This sign can be fitted during the ‘second fix’ state when the electrical outlets and switches are installed.

Slim Jim Signs specification

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