ALARA Personal Shielding Suit

The ALARA Personal Shielding Suit is an ergonomically constructed protective suit designed to provide nuclear workers with significant whole-body dose reduction to gamma radiation.

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Developed by Radiation Shielding Technologies (RST), the personal shielding suit utilizes a patented mix of optimally blended components that results in a suit that is comfortable to wear and environmentally safe (contains no harmful or toxic lead-based materials).

Key Benefits:Alara Suit personal shielding radiation

  • State of the Art’ ALARA Tool: Significant reduction to work area Gamma Dose/Rate levels
    • Up to a 45% reduction of ambient dose rates (as measured by a US     Nuclear power plant)
    • Eliminate dependency on costly General Area Shielding efforts by    transferring shielding to only workers that require it;  reduce outage budgets, dose, and critical path time
  • Ergonomic and comfortable to wear:
    • The composition of the suit’s Demron  material promotes passive  cooling which results in an overall ’lightweight and cool’ feel for the wearer
  • Easily de-contaminated
    • Use standard solutions (soap and water, etc) for quick and easy washing
    • The suit is reusable following washing


Use Cases:

The ALARA Personal Shielding Suit has multiple applications at a nuclear power plant and/or nuclear facilityDemron Crew Protect Blanket

  • High Dose/Rate Outage Personnel Dose Reduction; ideal for workers tasked with High Dose/Rate Outage Job
  • Emergency Planning and Field Team Support:  ideal for EP Field Teams and Accident Response vehicles
  • Supplement with Accessories to provide maximum facility ALARA Dose Reduction
    • Sheilded Face Lense provides ALARA suit wearer with similar shielding  values for facial area
    • ALARA Demron™ Blankets:  Lightweight and effective temporary/portable shielding solution
    • Custom Shield Wall and Containment Material:  Lightweight and effective   custom shield barriers from Demron material

Facility Test Results:

Facility Test Results for the ALARA suit


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