Demron™ ALARA Shield Blanket

The Demron™ ALARA Shield blanket is a contemporary shielding solution for gamma and X Ray radiation.

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Utilizing a patented material that promotes high thermal conductivity material resulting in reduced heat buildup and a high degree of flexibility (making the material relatively easy to handle, fold, etc.), the ALARA Shield Blanket in certain applications, represents a favorable solution to traditional lead shielding.

The Demron™ ALARA Blanket product can be manufactured in standard 6’ x 2.5’ size, or whatever customized dimensions required.  Small customized tool or glove box designs can be developed, along with large area shielding walls/curtain sizes.

The blanket will protect the first responder from an irradiating patient either from a medical procedure or radiological disaster. The blanket can also be folded several times to provide multiple layers of protection against RDD, RED, or RAD.

Use Cases:

  • Pipe/component shielding
  • Tool/Component shielding
  • Rad Monitoring or Instrumentation shielding
  • Shadow or Large Area shielding
  • Rad Waste Container shielding
  • Glovebox/sampling skid shielding

Standard Features:

  • Approximately 45% attenuation factor for standard nuclear plant gamma energy levels for 12 layer thick material blanket
  • Standard blanket dimensions: 6’ (l) x 2.5’ (w) x 0.25″ (t)
  • Approximately 5 pounds/square foot for standard blanket design
  • Specific Molecular engineering of material provides attenuation to gamma and X ray radiation
  • Material can be folded for added layers of protection

Nuclear Plant Testing Results:

% Reduction using 6 layers  Demron ™ material

Site 136%
Site 245%
Site 330%

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