IP66 Weatherproof Ultra LED Sign

The Ultra 580 is a weatherproof LED Sign. It is rated IP66 and designed for outdoor use.

Weatherproof LED Sign IP66

It is IP66 rated to BS60529 which means that the sign is protected against powerful water jets.  This Weatherproof LED Sign is dust-tight – ideal for use in the wind and rain.

The high-brightness LEDs ensure the sign is readable in strong sunlight.

Also a number of mounting bracket options are available for either single facing or dual facing signs, in addition to direct wall mounting.

The sign is tested to BS EN IEC 60529 Standard IP66 which means that it prevents the ingress of dust and prevents the ingress of water when subjected to powerful water jets.

The Ultra weatherproof LED signs are available in many colors – the most popular being red and green.

Dual message signs show one message in red and then another in green.  All messages are secret until lit.

IP66 LED Signs Weatherproof, Red, Green, White, Yellow messages


Alternative Mounting Options

sign-mount-wall-single-small                IP66 Weatherproof Ultra LED Sign

Wall mounted single                                                           Wall mounted double

sign-mount-ceiling-single-small                      sign-mount-back-to-back-small

Ceiling mounted single – uses standard conduit         Ceiling mounted double – uses standard conduit



  • Weatherproof for outdoor use (IP66)
  • Any message, graphics or language
  • Single message, single colours available:- Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, White, Pink
  • Dual message, dual colour (Red/Green)
  • 24VDC low voltage, low power consumption
  • Dimensions: 22.8″ (w) x 7″ (h) x 1″ (d) /580 wide x 180 high x 27mm deep
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