IPL Safety Eyewear

We offer a range of options offering protection with the minimum obstruction to the procedures.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Systems commonly used for cosmetic applications such as hair removal and skin resurfacing present a hazard to the eyes of both operators and patients alike.


IPL Operator Eyewear

IPL Lightspeed – Detects IPL Operation
ipl-lightspeed This eyewear detects the IPL flash and automatically darkens within 1 millisecond thus protecting the eyesight of the operator.

When the IPL is not operating the eyewear provides excellent visibility for the operator. Battery operated.

IPL Shade
Style LGFipl-eyeshade-XCStyle XCipl-eyeshade-SKL
Style SKL
Dark green eyewear for protection against the bright light from IPL systems. The higher the Shade number the greater the protection and the lower the visibility. We recommend Shade 3 or Shade 4 eyewear for the clinician / operator, and Shade 5 eyewear for the patient. However, for treatments carried out on or near the face the IPL-AID or other patient eyewear should be used.

Pictures of the frame styles are shown above. Please note that these indicate the style of frame only and not the darkness of the eyewear which is determined by the Shade number.

Frame Style
Order Code
Shade 3
Shade 4
Shade 5


IPL Patient Eyewear

(further options can be seen on the patient eyewear page)

patient_eye_iplaid These latex free disposable eyepatches contain a special layer to protect the eye from the light from the IPL system.

They allow access to the bridge of the nose and around the eyes.

Although easily removed, they remain securely in place during the procedure.


patient-eye-eyecaps These stainless steel eyecaps are designed to go under the eyelid leaving the face entirely unobstructed for cosmetic treatments.  They come in four sizes.
Order Code
(pair of eyecaps with suction cup)
Very small (22 mm)
Small (24 mm)
Medium (25.5 mm)
Large (26.5 mm)


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