Laser Power Meter

laser-power-meter1The ADM -1000 offers laser users a new level of power-measuring performance combined with the ease of using a hand-held power meter; a comprehensive suite of detectors are available to ensure all applications in the work environment are addressed. This highly functional meter and detector system is available at a very affordable price.

Lasermet ADM – 1000 Meter: A New Force in Advanced Laser Power Measurement

The ADM 1000 is a user-friendly, lightweight hand-held power meter with a response rate that is effectively instantaneous. The meter possesses the ability to make consistent, accurate measurements of peak and average power. For pulsed laser users, the ADM-1000 offers the precision to measure and display waveforms up to 400kHz.

laser-power-meter2This versatile Power Meter System has a wide variety of applications including:

  • Production calibration
  • Automatic laser stability testing
  • Direct peak power measurement for pulses of 4 µs or longer
  • Pulse energy measurement
  • Pulsed laser characterization
  • Oscilloscope function
  • Instantaneous measurements
  • Laboratory or field use
  • Medical laser output power / energy check
  • Measurements in confined areas
  • Laser tuning

ADM 1000 Key Features:

  • Super-fast response times down to 700 ns using the Lasermet Advanced Detector Interface
  • Exceptionally high accuracy and repeatability
  • Peak power, energy per pulse and average power measurements
  • Easy-to-use hand-held instrument
  • Choice of compatible photodiode and thermal heads; auto head detection
  • Patented speed-up circuitry and stabilization electronics for thermal heads
  • Fully calibrated and traceable to international and UK National Physical Laboratory standards
  • Illuminated display and keypad
  • Digital and bar readout
  • Graphical oscilloscope mode – displays pulse waveforms up to 400kHz with calculation cursors to display energy, power, time, frequency
  • Auto or manual ranging
  • Interface to PC via USB connection

ADM 1000 Graphical Display

laser-power-meter-screenAt the core of the system is the Lasermet Advanced Detector Interface (ADI) which has been specially configured to enable the ADM-1000 to measure significantly smaller and faster signals than conventionally-used meters. The ADI allows the electronics to be placed close to and optimized for each detecting head thereby achieving maximum performance every time.

Advanced Digital Meter ADM -1000 Detector Heads

Standard photodiode heads.

These are supplied complete with integrating spheres for maximum reduction of reflections, easy alignment and high accuracy. UV- and IR-enhanced options are available

Compact photodiode heads

Designed for limited spaces with no integrating sphere, this head has a depth of only 25mm. These are available in standard and UV-enhanced options

Thermal heads

These have been designed with performance and ease of use in mind. They include:

  • patented advanced speed-up circuitry giving a response time of 20 ms
  • patented advanced integrated temperature stabilization circuitry to massively reduce drift and thermal interference


Integrating Sphere Photodiode Heads

Thermal Heads

Compact Photodiode Heads

Part No.

IPDH – 10S

IPDH – 10S – UVE

IPDH – 10S – IRE

ITDH – 100P

IPDH – 10C

IPDH – 10C –  UVE

Wavelength Range (nm)

400 – 1100

200 – 1100

800 – 2000

180 – 20,000

400 – 1100

200 – 1100

Detector Type







Response Time

700 ns

20 ms

700 ns

Max Input Power

1 W

20 W

10 mW

Min Input power for Useable Reading

0.1 µW

1 mW

1 nW

Dimensions (mm)

76 mm dia. x 86.5 mm deep

76 mm dia. X 86.5 mm deep

64 mm x 41 mm x 17 mm deep

Aperture Diameter (mm)