Laser Safety Training

RT Technologies supplies customized Laser Safety Training Courses.

Whether you need to train the casual user or create a formal Laser Safety Program, we can create a training course for you.  Our lesson plan material is designed by Certified Laser Safety Officers (CLSO’s) following detailed consultation with our customers.

Laser Safety Training Class Overview

The training programs are ANSI Z 136.1-2007 based and eligible for ABIH* credit. The training programs are developed to apply specific focus to client-specific needs and target areas. Instructors are industry experienced, CLSO’s who have significant industrial laser safety experience. The classes can vary in length, and are typically supplied on-site at the customer’s facility.

Regulatory Requirements for Laser Safety Training

NOTE: All individuals routinely using Class 1M, Class 2M, Class 3R, Class 3B and Class 4 lasers should receive laser safety training per regulatory requirements. For Class 1M, 2M and 3R lasers, this training may be quite basic. Additionally, all organizations using Class 3B, Class 4 or Invisible Class 3R lasers must have a Laser Safety Officer who should have received appropriate training.

See Review Sample Outlines of Laser Safety Training Classes as administered by RT Technologies Certified Laser Safety Officers (CLSO).

*American Board of Industrial Hygiene, ABIH is an IOHA recognized Certification Board and accredited by ANSI and CESB