LaserSafe PC Software – Now with ANSI Z136.1-2015

laser-safe-pc1LaserSafe PC Software is an ideal software system for the Laser Safety Officer or any laser professional who regularly performs risk assessments on lasers or LEDs. The system will ensure that your laser configuration/lab/product complies with all the relevant standards and regulations.


5.4 Introduction of converging beam calculations on point source calculator. Introduction of M2 factor.  Inclusion of Lens Calculator.  Major improvements to inner workings.  Introduction of “Help Bubbles”

5.3 Introduces a result window to show safety signage, and “Conversion Bubbles” to convert power / energy densities between IEC and ANSI (Released November 2017)

5.2 Complies with the latest EN207:2017 Standard (Released March 2017)

5.1 incorporates IEC/EN 60825-1:2014 and ANSI ZI36.1-2015 with the option of CDRH Classification (Released July 2015)

5.0 Complies with EN60825-1:2014, Introduction of Classification Results – in depth details on the product classification (Released January 2015)

LaserSafe PC Product Details:

  • Consistent and correct answers to calculations of MPEs, AELs, accessible emission, optical density requirements, classification etc. in seconds
  • Graphical Assistant to help you every step of the way
  • Calculation from 180nm-1mm & all time domains
  • Calculation of MPEs for eye and skin exposure
  • Calculation of AELs for all classes
  • Print or Save option for all calculation results
  • dBm input for Fibre Optics
  • Safety signage for equipment and enclosures
  • Instant recalculation from Standard to Standard
  • Substantial discounts are available for multiple copies; Also an unlimited site license is available
  • LaserSafe PC is being continually improved and revised in accordance with any changes in standards/regulations
  • Users receive free updates for the first twelve months – thereafter updates are available at significantly reduced pricing -therefore enabling customers to keep updated of any / all regulation changes.
Accords with: Calculates in Seconds
  • ANSI Z136.1-2014
  • EN 60825-1
  • EN 60825-2
  • EN 207:2017
  • IEC 60825-1
  • IEC 60825-2
  • Accessible emission
  • MPEs
  • AELs
  • MPE Excess (AE to MPE ration) for eye and skin
  • Classification or Hazard Levels
  • Eye, skin & classification apertures
  • EN 207 L numbers, LB numbers
  • EN 208 RB numbers
  • Optical density requirements for filters
  • Irradiance and Radiant exposure
  • …and much more



Risk Assessment, Safety Training, Quick Calculation

LaserSafe PC is a comprehensive and versatile program which covers all of the following laser and LED situations.

  • All wavelengths
    180 nm – 1 mm
  • All times from
    1 fs to 30000 s
  • CW emission
  • Single pulse
  • Repetitive pulsing
  • Scanning lasers (visible)
  • Point Source
  • Extended Source
  • Diffuse reflection
  • Fibre optics
  • LEDs
  • MPE and AEL tables
  • T1, T2, C1 – C7 Values
  • T1, T2, tmax, CA – CC, CE, CP and Kλ values
  • Classification calculation analysis
  • MPE and AEL table values
  • Description of all Classes
  • Risk Assessment Notes
Minimum System Requirements:
  • XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
  • VGA or SVGA monitor

Download free AEL/MPE calculation demo software. Following link from: laser safe pc download.

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