Patient Eyewear

Eyewear for patients of laser & Intense Pulsed Light procedures is designed to protect the eyes of the patient while giving maximum access to the patients face.

eyewear_patientThis is especially important for facial cosmetic procedures.  The Spectrashield and Eyeball Protector eyewear shown below is CE marked and tested to EN 207. They are suitable for all types of lasers and IPL systems and will block out all light. The Eyecaps are made of stainless steel and are designed to fit underneath the eyelid, allowing full treatment of the face, while the IPL Aid are single treatment disposable eye protectors. Both are suitable for all types of IPL systems (not laser since they are not tested to EN 207. Transparent patient eyewear will protect the patient from specific lasers while also allowing the patient to be able to see.

Eyeball Protector
patient_eye_eyeball Constructed from aluminium, these laser eye protectors are connected by an adjustable curved aluminium rod, allowing a high level of access to the face.  Suitable for all types of laser.
Order Code
EN 207 Markings
180 – 315 D L10, R L5
315 – 1400 D L6, IR L8
1400 – 10600 DR L4, I L5
patient_eye_eyecaps These eyecaps fit underneath the eyelid thus allowing full access to the face.  They are available in a variety of sizes as shown below.

Since they are not tested to EN 207 there are suited to IPL applications rather than laser.

Order Code
(pair of eyecaps with suction cup)

Very small (22 mm)


Small (24 mm)


Medium (25.5 mm)


Large (26.5 mm)


patient_eye_iplaid These latex free disposable eyepatches contain a special layer to protect the eye from the light from the IPL system. They allow access to the bridge of the nose and around the eyes.  Although easily removed, they remain securely in place during the procedure.
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