Room in Use Signs

RT Technologies provides a complete portfolio of Room in Use Signs.

We offer contemporary LED Room in Use Signs (Low Profile LED and Large Area LED) and traditional Illuminated Signs for all industrial applications.


Low Profile Small LED Signs

Extra low profile, low voltage (24V DC), low energy Signs. These relatively compact signs can be mounted at eye-height next to the door and are available as 1 way or 2 way laser signs.With a lifetime in excess of 50,000 operational hours these signs are effectively maintenance free hence eliminating maintenance costs and risks. This compact maintenance free LED room information sign is extra low voltage (24V DC). All room information signs are available as two state signs and some are available as a three state sign.


       LEDS-RIU-1WY                     LEDS-RIU-2W
View small RIU signs
Small room in use sign specification

Slim Jim Sign

The Slim Jim is intended to be wall mounted on a standard electrical box.  Using standard electrical boxes reduces the cost of installation in new builds.  For instance, the box for the sign can be installed by the electrician during ‘first fix’ when the wiring is run.  This sign can be fitted during the ‘second fix’ state when the electrical outlets and switches are installed.

Slim Jim signs specification

Large Area LED Signs

These workplace LED signs are suitable for use in hospitals, laboratories, factories, cruise ships, passenger terminals, oil rigs and any             other location where a large, durable, aesthetically pleasing LED sign is required.

State of the art LED technology in a highly aesthetic design, these slimline room information signs can be mounted at any height without causing obstruction or hazard.
View large RIU signs
Large room in use signs specification

In addition to the range of standard signs, we can create custom legends and graphics to your specification.

Ultra signs are available in either Standard or Large Size. To clarify, the standard size is 18.5 inches wide, while large size is 31.1 inches wide. Both options are seven inches high and just one inch thick.

Certainly feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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