Digital signage made easy

The SmartVDU is a standalone micro PC able to display messages and/or images which are remotely programmed from the Web Portal or USB.  The user is able to upload smartVDUcustom displays and have the display respond to external controls.

The SmartVDU creates a digital sign virtually anywhere an HDMI television or monitor can be accessed.  It also provides a local dashboard view for work areas or other locations needing real-time data display.

SmartVDU highlights:

 Connected Display

The SmartVDU can be setup as a standalone display for remote controlled signage.  The sign imagery and text is easily be controlled through the SmartVDU interface or through a USB flash drive.

 HDMI Connection

Since the SmartVDU utilizes a HDMI connection for the external display, any HDMI television or computer monitor can be setup with the SmartVDU.  The SmartVDU has resolution support up to 1920 x 1080.  This allows your message or image to be displayed on large LCD televisions.


The unit has configurable displays able to display photos, menus, directions, or any text information.  The display presents images/text statistically or changed dynamically based on the time of day. Configuration options are limitless.  The unit is configurable via Wi-Fi using our web portal or via USB.  Alarm warnings and color coded messages can be triggered using relays within the SmartVDU.

Remote Control

Optionally, the SmartVDU can be configured with external input and output relay controls.  This allows users to control signage through remote transmitters or allows the sign to control external devices such as LED lighting and door locks.


Smart VDU - custom display - HDMI - customizeable rear-view side-view






Side View of SmartVDU                             Micro USB, HDMI, and 3.5mm jack                             RJ45 and four USB Connectors



We also offer a Smart Sign which is also programmable.

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