Workplace & Industrial Signs

RT Technologies offers a wide range of signs for workplace and industrial usage, to provide clear room information or warnings, including: room in use signs, room available signs, do not enter and no entry signs, access prohibited signs and a range of other warnings and messages.

Small workplace signs | Product Brochure
workplace-industrial-signs-small[1]Extra low profile, low voltage (24V DC), low energy warning signs. These relatively compact signs can be mounted at eye-height next to the door.

Signs include:
Room in use sign
Room available sign
Occupied sign
Do not enter sign
No entry sign

Large workplace signs | Product brochure
workplace-industrial-signs-large[1]State of the art LED technology in a highly aesthetic design, these slimline signs can be mounted at any height without causing obstruction or hazard. Custom legends and colors can be provided to suit your application.

Signs include:
Access prohibited sign
Do not enter sign
Open/closed sign
We are open/we are closed sign
Boarding sign

Slim Jim LED Sign | Product brochure
Slim Jim is the new thin profile backlit LED sign from Lasermet. Measuring approximately 0.4” (11mm) thick
Signs include:
Do Not Enter
Room In Use
No Entry
In Use




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