Protecting first responders in a radioactive emergency

21 October 2019

HAZMAT Radiation Protective SuitsAre you concerned about a radioactive emergency? We have the protection you need.

On March 11, 2011, following an earthquake, a 15-meter tsunami disabled the power supply and cooling of three Fukushima Daiichi reactors.  This caused a nuclear accident.  All three cores largely melted in the first three days.  Workers at Fukushima Daiichi currently are using the Protective Radiation Suit manufactured by Radiation Shielding Technologies (RST).  Hindsight is 20/20.  Nuclear power plants and EP Agencies need to have Protective Radiation Suits on hand.   Preparation will help save lives and speed up the recovery process.EP Training Protective Suit


During a Nuclear Power Plant Emergency:

If an accident at a nuclear power plant were to release radiation in your area, local authorities would activate warning sirens or another approved alert method. They also would instruct you through the Emergency Alert System (EAS) on local television and radio stations on how to protect yourself.

  • Follow the EAS instructions carefully.

  • Minimize your exposure by increasing the distance between you and the source of the radiation. This could be evacuation or remaining indoors to minimize exposure.

  • If you are told to evacuate, keep car windows and vents closed; use re-circulating air.

  • If you are advised to remain indoors, turn off the air conditioner, ventilation fans, furnace and other air intakes.

  • Shield yourself by placing heavy, dense material between you and the radiation source. Go to a basement or other underground area, if possible.

  • Stay out of the incident zone. Most radiation loses its strength fairly quickly


If you have access to Protective Radiation Suits, they would be distributed and put on ASAP during a radioactive emergency.

The Protective Radiation Suit is ideal for Commercial Nuclear Power Plants and Nuclear Facility Emergency Preparedness (EP) Departments.  The Demron TM suit, developed by RST provides effective personnel radiation dose reduction for individuals participating in EP activities.

The suit is engineered to provide protection from radiation sources/contamination as well as other potentially hazardous agents encountered in Emergency Preparedness (EP) response/activities.  By wearing the lightweight and comfortable Demron™ one-piece protective suit, EP personnel and first responders can minimize exposure and risk from the radiation hazards they may encounter.


Fukushima Daiich Nuclear Field Test




Key Benefits:

  • Effective Shielding from Beta and Gamma Radiation
  • 30% reduction of wearer Radiation Dose as reported by Fukushima EP Response Workers
  • Engineered to provide universal protection against ionizing radiation and chemical agents
  • Full Chemical and Biological resistance
  • Heavy-Duty CBRN heat sealed seam
  • Demron™ suit reduces heat stress production from the wearer and passively cool
  • Unlike other suits that can be ‘heat sinks’ causing body temperatures rise even at rest, the composition of the Demron™ suit ensures reduced heat stress, passive cooling and comfort
  • Easily de-contaminated
  • Use standard solutions (soap and water, etc) for quick and easy clean up

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