Infection Control Suit

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Control Suit


The novel coronavirus (COVID-19), is spreading rapidly, with thousands of deaths globally and thousands of confirmed cases in the U.S. so far. Your medical staff needs an effective first line of defense. 

In addition to the Coronavirus C-Suit, we also have PPE equipment (N95 masks and gowns) available for purchase.

Coronavirus isn’t slowing down, which means that personnel coming in contact with the virus on a routine basis are risking their own safety with every moment. Adequate protection and peace of mind are essential for these individuals safety and efficiency. But, are antiviral coronavirus protection masks enough to stem climbing infection rates

As reported in The Guardian, masks offer some preventative measures but are still vulnerable to viral particles, notably aerosols. With one of the fastest spreading pandemics in recent years, hospitals/medical facilities and decontamination related activities need a more decisive form of coronavirus protection. We at RT Technologies are proud to offer the Radiation Shield Technologies (RST) Infection Control Suit to help your facility take coronavirus prevention to the next level.

  • Chemical Resistant and Thermo Conductive
  • Certified to ASTM F1670 and ASTM F1671 standards
  • Allows for External Temperature Monitoring
  • Allows for External Cooling
  • Washable and Reusable
  • Allows for Long Times for the Wearer Without Heat Stress
  • Extremely Light Weight and Very Affordable


Maximum Coronavirus Protection: The Demron Infection-Control Suit

RST’s Demron protective suits are composed of state-of-the-art Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) defense fabric that provide a wide range of contaminant prevention. Each suit features a lined body suit designed for enhanced chemical and biological resistance, including threats like COVID-19.

Demron’s impermeable surface has proven to endure particle contamination in the most active emergency preparedness locations and environments. These suits are used and trusted by every branch of the U.S. military, Civil Support Teams (CST), and many international agencies and first responders.

“We are proud to help contribute to the overall safety of patients and health-care workers fighting the spread of the coronavirus.” - RST CEO Ronald DeMeo, M.D., founder and inventor of the technology.

Demron RST Logo

Limit Coronavirus Exposure – Safeguard Your Staff and Patients 

Besides offering a first line of defense, personnel wearing the suit can be easily monitored for any signs of illness. The Demron’s ability to permit the release and dissipation of heat makes external temperature management and monitoring possible, which is critical for catching the initial signs of coronavirus.

The ability to capture non-contact temperature readings outside of the suits provides critical protection for caregivers as they monitor and transport patients. Infrared thermometers establish the base operational temperature of each health-care worker to detect early fever symptoms, preventing further coronavirus spread. This ensures both staff comfort and health safety in the midst of a contagious atmosphere.

Enhanced Hospital Preparedness

Emphasizing a durable and user-friendly design, the Demron CBRN suit is the answer to hospital preparedness for the novel coronavirus. Fully protected, medical staff and caregivers are empowered to continue work without skipping a beat!

The Demron is easily cleaned and disinfected when you need to quickly deploy hospital personnel. At the same time, our suits allow a full range of movement so that staff members are protected but not encumbered while they work. The CBRN properties of the suit allow caregivers to continue patient treatments with peace of mind that COVID-19 risks are minimized.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus threat is rising and spreading throughout the country. You owe it to your staff, patients, and facility to be the most prepared for the epidemic. Please contact us to learn more about how the Demron Infection-Control Suit offers the latest infection prevention technology needed to keep up your important work! Or, get your free quote on suits today.

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