What is the process for getting a quote for a Laser or Industrial Enclosure?

1 August 2012

    • RT Technologies has an Enclosure Team that develops (and delivers) Enclosure Projects.  The team is comprised of an Enclosure Design Manager, Laser Safety Program Manager (if needed) and a Project Manager.   This team ensures that the enclosure that you get quoted and ultimately delivered is the optimal design for your application as well as meeting all US FDA/CDRH and IEC Laser Safety requirements.  The process typically is:
      1. Contact RT Technologies with your Class 1 Enclosure or Laser Booth Requirement.
      2. RT Technologies will set up a convenient time for a Requirement  Scope Review; this call will identify critical details related to enclosure requirement.
      3. Team will discuss and agree on CDRH Laser Safety Certification requirements
      4.  A Project Manager from RT Technologies  will work with rest of RT Team to deliver a proposal; proposal will typically be delivered within one week of initial Requirement Scope Review Conference Call.