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Demron™  ALARA Shield Blanket

The Demron™ ALARA Shield blanket is a contemporary shielding solution for gamma and X Ray radiation.  The fabric can be configured in industry standard shielding blankets or curtain designs as well as in unique, customizable designs. 


Utilizing a patented material that is a mixture of heavy metal and polymers, the ALARA shielding material allows for an industrial shielding solution that is lighter in weight than lead and is Non-Toxic.  Therefore, when the Demron material becomes contaminated with residual radioactive contamination it is NOT A MIXED HAZARDOUS Material such as traditional lead.  

Alara Blanket Shielding from X-Ray and Gamma radiation.png

Key Benefits:

  • Significantly lighter weight (pounds/square foot) compared to lead; Results in reduced resources and person dose required to deploy/collect

  • Non-toxic material; eliminate mixed hazardous waste concerns typically encountered with lead 

  • Customizable size and thickness solutions; can develop specific solution for given application

  • Outer layer of material is easily wiped down/decontaminated due to Herculite outer layer

  • Large Area Blankets/Curtains can be designed with grommets or magnets to facilitate easy hanging and attaching to surfaces and locations

Blanket Use Cases:

  • Pipe/component shielding

  • Outage/Reactor Head/Cavity shielding

  • Tool/Component shielding

  • Rad Monitoring or Contamination/Portal Monitoring shielding

  • Shadow or Large Area shielding  

  • Rad Waste/HIC Container shielding

  • Glovebox/sampling skid shielding

Custom Use Cases/Industry Examples:

  • In-core detector shielding bag

  • Reactor Coolant/Demineralizer filter transfer Container shielding

  • 55-gallon drum lid shield covers

  • Shielded Work or Hot Tool Bag (used to move material with hot particle) 

  • Low Dose shielding Decon Tents

  • Fuel Handling Crane and Tool customized shielding 

  • Neutron Flux (Gamma metrics) detector box slip covers 


Nuclear Power Plant Mix Attenuation Data

Reduction table 3.png
Reduction table 2.png

Cs-137 Direct Beam Attenuation Data

For additional specifications, please download the brochure below.

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