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Laser Interlock System Components

Laser Safety Interlock Systems enable facilities to comply with industry best practice and regulations when providing laser users with a safe environment in which to operate hazardous lasers. Modular in design, the system has been developed for maximum safety and efficiency, all while meeting the specific needs of the customer facility. These Interlock Systems are configured to provide automatic shut-off of the laser beam if safety doors, curtains or blinds are opened.

Room Enclosures can also be outfitted with the ICS-9 interlock system.  This ensures safe access via enclosure doors, windows and equipment hatches.

We customize the Laser Interlock System to meet customer needs —and budget. For a customized Laser Safety Interlock Proposal, please complete our interlock design form.

System Overview:

Every Interlock System meets all relevant U.S. and European Standards – in particular EN954-1 (Category 3 Safety System); EN61508 (SIL4); EN61010 and EN 60947-1. They also conform to the Machinery Directive; Low Voltage Directive and EMC Directive.

All Interlock Systems are designed to provide a comprehensive and highly versatile laser safety environment, which is easy to install, operate and maintain. They are able to operate laser interlocks, laser power, beam shutters and warning signs and can be fitted with entry/exit overrides and emergency stop switches. A key-lock prevents unauthorized use.

The core component of the Lasermet Interlock System is the Interlock Controller; this component serves as the ‘hub’ of the system and provides the ‘intelligence’ to the Safety System. Our primary Interlock Controller is the ICS-9 (we offer other models for specific applications such as temporary installations, etc.), whose basic functionality supports most interlock system design needs. Additional lasers/inputs above base design can easily be added through modular expansion components.

Key System Components

ICS-9 front no bkgnd v1-400k.jpg


Laser Interlock Control Panel

10.4 w x 9.0 h x 3.4 d (inches)



Access Keypad with Override



3 state, 24v Mini LED Sign (both red and green messages display on one sign).

10.4 w x 9.0 h x 3.4 d (inches)

ICS-5-BB transparent.png


Deep box base forICS-6

Dimensions when fitted to ICS-9

10.4  w x 9.0 h x 5.7 d  (inches)

ICS-6-IB-9 for ICS-6 Interlock


9 way interlock board, supplied pre-fitted inside ICS-6

9.1 w x 3.1 h x 1.4 d (inches)

ICS-1-DB-1-1 for ICS-6 Interlock


Interlock distribution box with 1 male XLR socket for connection to laser interlock connector on back of laser and 1 female XLR socket for connection to laser beam shutters

2.6 w x 2.3 h x 2.1 d (inches)

ICS-1-DB-2-1 for ICS-6 Interlock


Interlock distribution box with 2 mail XLR sockets for connection to laser interlock connector on back of laser and 1 female XLR socket for connection to laser beam shutters

2.6 w x 4.1 h x 2.1 d (inches)

LS-10-12 Laser Shutter for Interlock


Laser beam shutter, 20 W max average laser power.

0.6 inch diameter aperture

3.9 w x 2.5 h x 1.5* d (inches)

*4 inches including tube

E-Stop PB transparent no border.png


Emergency stop push button (trips out interlock panel thereby disabling all laser emissions and releasing maglock)

2.5 w x 2.5 h x 2.2 d (inches)


Emergency door release break glass (releases maglock)

3.3 w x 3.3 h x 2.3 d (inches)

ESTOP-BG Emergency Door Release
PUSH-BUT for ICS-6 Push Button Exit


Exit push-button triggers override and releases maglock on door when pressed

2.6 w x 2.6 h x 2.1 d (inches)



Dual channel coded magnetic door safety


2.6 x 1.2 x 0.5 d (inches)

MAGLOCK One per door leaf
LEAD-IC-OE-3M Connect dist. box to ICS-6
LEAD-LS-3M Connects shutter to distribut


12 Volt, 1A power supply

Can be placed inside ICS-6 or can be wall mounted

3.7 w x 1.8 h x 1 d (inches)


Low voltage maglock (one per door leaf)

10 w x 1.7 h x 1 d (inches)


Lead to connect shutter to distribution box

9.8 feet (3 meters)


Lead to connect laser interlock connector to distribution box

9.8 feet (3 meters)

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