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Optoblok - Optical Table Laser Guarding

Optoblok, the Optical Table Laser Guarding System is designed specifically to reduce the risk of stray laser beams being inadvertently directed at personnel in the laser optics laboratory. This new modular system fits neatly on to optical tables to provide a 11.8” (300mm ) high wall.

The system comprises of certified laser blocking walled panels, posts (to screw into the table) and channel posts which are either straight or right angled to connect the wall panels together.

Modular Design

The modular system is easily constructed by screwing the posts into the table, then slotting the straight or corner channel posts over the round posts and then simply placing the wall panels in position. Once the panels are inserted they can be secured by a retaining screw and washer on top of the post if required.

Metric and imperial tables accommodated

The system is compatible with both metric and imperial optical tables using metric or imperial screw threads and spacing, making this truly a worldwide compatible product covering both the US and European markets in one.

Maintaining operator access

The 11.8” (300mm) high wall around the perimeter of the table maximizes the opportunity for safe working while at the same time allowing virtually unlimited access to the table and its components. The opportunity for an engineers’ hand or arm to accidentally interfere with the laser beam is reduced as it now takes a deliberate act to access the table.

Easy cable entry system with Optoblok Designer software

One of the key benefits of Optoblok is that it provides a safe, adaptable, simple laser blocking walled system that enables cable entries to be made and then changed easily for the next set-up. It can easily handle, for example, large diameter control cables.

Simple to use parts list compiler

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