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Protective Suit for Nuclear Fallout

The Demron® Full Body Chemical & Biological Resistance Suit: is a coverall constructed with an integrated hood, heat sealed seams, and seam seal tape for added protection.


Standard Features:

  • Full Chemical & Biological resistance

  • CBRN Heat Sealed Seams

  • Self-Cooling

  • Reduces IR Detection

  • Mask, boots and gloves not included in the price of the suit

Options and Accessories:

  • CBRN Mask, Gloves & Boots


XS to 3XL

Full Body Suit -1.png
Full Body Suit -back.png
Field Test.png
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For a quote or additional information, please email us at, or call us at 770-332-0092

The suit is engineered to provide protection from radiation sources/contamination as well as other potentially hazardous agents encountered in Emergency Preparedness (EP) response/activities.  By wearing the lightweight and comfortable Demron™ one-piece protective suit, EP personnel and first responders can minimize exposure and risk from the radiation hazards they may encounter.


Sizing Chart

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