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ALARA Shield Tote

The ALARA Shield Tote is a lightweight, lead-equivalent portable shield container that is extremely useful to transport highly radioactive tools, sample containers, etc. 

Product Summary

The ALARA Shield Tote is a small, lightweight, highly effective portable gamma radiation shield.  The Shield Tote can be used for transporting radioactive liquid samples, hot tools/items for deconning purposes, or long-term storage.   Highly dense lead equivalent results in approximately 65% shield factor for 662 kev (Cs-137) gamma rays. 

Shield Tote 3.jpg

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to load, portable configuration; quick fasten/lock tight top closure  

  • ~65% shielding reduction for Cs-137 (662 kev)

  • Carrying strap/harness supplied with each container

  • Lightweight; 27 pounds

  • Non-lead configuration; results in non-mix waste material; easy to dispose of if becomes fixed contaminated

  • Custom configurations can be made

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