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Slatted laser blocking and X-Ray shielded vision panels

Laser blocking slatted blinds are ideal for use in operating rooms and are effective in blocking all medical lasers. There is also an option for X-ray shielded vision panels

Tested in accordance with Laser safety standard IEC 60825-4 and designed to fit into window and door openings in operating rooms, this highly effective and professional laser blocking system is ideal for hospitals and other facilities where there is a need to guard against the escape of laser beams.

The unit can be installed as a standard fit within the door or window aperture or it can be fitted as a flush fit where the surfaces of the unit match those of the aperture edges.

A simple lever operates the slats within the window to either allow or block laser light from penetrating. Selecting the double sided lever option enables the blind to be operated from both sides. The system uses 0.24 inch toughened glass in front of the slatted blind to prevent the ingress of dust and infection.

There is an option for a motorized version that can be controlled through an interlock control system.


The standard fit unit is a fully bonded, semi-hermetic unit that eliminates the need for an unhygienic, metal housing and allows a tight seal to be made between the glass and the beading. It can be positioned either centrally across the door thickness, with a bead either side, or flush on one side with a single bead on the other. It comprises of three panes of glass, two of which have alternating lines of laser blocking material. The central pane can be raised and lowered by a handle so the lines move in or out of alignment and thereby allow fully controlled, discreet vision through the panel.

The flush fit vision panel is specifically designed and manufactured to suit the exact thickness of a door, so once fitted, the surface of the glazing lies completely flush with the door faces. It is sealed to the door with silicone mastic, thus providing a very hygienic detail that has no crevices or ledges for dirt or bacteria to harbour. The flush fit unit is fully bonded and is semi-hermetic comprising four panes of glass, two of which have alternating lines of laser blocking material.


  • Blackout Glass

  • Obscure Glass

  • X-Ray Shielding - Lead equivalents up to 0.13 in. thick

  • Security Glass

  • Fire-Glass - 30 and 60 minte, insulated and non-insulated

  • Antibacterial Coated Glass

   Beadings Available:

  • Timber

  • Powder Coated Steel

  • Stainless Steel


  • Standard Lever

  • Anti-ligature conical knob

  • Both handles available in either 316 stainless steel or anti-bacterial copper aolly

  • Handles can be fitted to one or both sides on the Standard and Flush fit models


  • Standard widths and heights for all models are 7.9 x 23.6 inches, 15.7 x 15.7 inches, 15.7 x 23.6 inches and 9.8 x 31.5 inches (width x height)

  • Customized dimensions available upon request

  • Nominal thicknesses for Standard Fit model is 0.7 inches.

  • Nominal thickness for Flush Fit model to suit customer door thickness


Standard and flush units

Side cutaway view

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