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ICS-9 Interlock System

The ICS-9 Expandable Laser Interlock System is NRTL Certified and can achieve performance level ‘e’ (EN ISO 13849-1 PLe), It is derived from the ICS-6 which is the most popular Laser Interlock Control System.

This compact, versatile unit can control laser interlocks, door locks, illuminated warning signs and other equipment. It can operate beam shutters and the laser power with feedback monitoring and fault detection. It can be interfaced to Access Control and Fire Detection Systems and may be fitted with an Override to allow controlled access through interlocked doors while also accepting emergency stop inputs.

The ICS-9 is NRTL provides high levels of safety and functionality and has full start-to-end dual channel architecture and fault detection to meet the latest standards. The ICS-9 is NRTL certified and complies with the relevant European Machinery Directive Standards and can be connected to achieve EN ISO 13849-1 PLe (Performance Level ‘e’  - Safety related control systems).

ICS-9 front v1-372k.jpg

For a quick quote, you may fill out our interlock design form which can be downloaded using the button below.

   The ICS-9 functions include:

  • Simple, easy-to-use control panel which can be wired directly to 4 interlocks or groups of interlocks

  • Several Expansion Cards (which are automatically tested) may be fitted to enable the following options:

    • Remote Communications (Ethernet/USB Connectivity)

    • Integrated Active Laser Guarding

    • Safety Logic Plus integration

    • The provision of an uncommitted relay board for future options

  • Full start-to-end dual channel architecture – for even higher reliability

  • Full start-to-end fault detection – simplifying analysis

  • Interlocked AC Power – for added safety

  • Interlocked low voltage supply for beam shutters – for faster integration

  • Laser interlock connector operators – for all lasers

  • Key-switch operation – to prevent unauthorized use

  • Arm laser button – just press to arm

  • Time limited fail-safe override option – for authorized personnel

  • Automatic switching of illuminated signs – indicating danger or safe modes

  • Emergency stop circuit – to prevent injury or damage in an emergency

  Further functions:

  • ICS-9 can be connected to other  interlock controllers to operate as a primary or secondary unit

  • Optional safety status and ready status outputs can be provided to communicate with other interlock controllers or a remote indicator panel

  • The ICS-9 has a standard deep box for expansion cards or safety contactors to switch high power or multiple lasers

  • External facility to allow the system to be disabled by an external source e.g. supervisor’s key-switch

  • Operation of AC Power or low voltage signs

  • Integrated automatic switching of single or dual mode signs

  • Connect to virtually unlimited number of door contacts and Emergency Stop Buttons

Typical Interlock Configuration

ICS-9 standard interlock diagram 2021v1.jpg

Remote Communication and Control with ICS Buddy - the portable interlock controller

  • The ICS-9 can communicate  directly with the ICS Buddy. The ICS Buddy is a portable  Interlock Monitor and Controller that  can  be  used  to  remotely  view and control the status of laser interlock controllers and laser shutters in a lab.

  • It enables portable control so users can just walk around with the tablet from office to other locations. The user can also remotely view and control laser shutters – just using the local Wi-Fi signal to stay in touch. The status  of the  whole  lab  can  be  viewed remotely in Lab View – ideal for numerous Interlocks, shutters and LED Warning Signs.

  • It can also display Safety Logic Plus, the electrical logic gate system that sets up complex labs with a sequence of logical AND/OR gates to permit a laser to be armed safety.

ICS buddy.png
ics-9 specs.png
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