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Laser Curtains

Most Class 4 and many Class 3B lasers are dangerous and can present an eye hazard over very long distances, and ordinary curtains are incapable of stopping such a laser beam. Custom laser curtains and products are needed as a solution.

Designed for use in industry, medical facilities, hospitals and operating rooms, our laser blocking curtains are made from specially-developed laser-blocking material. Medical or industrial laser blocking curtains can be supplied ready-made as ceiling or wall-mounted curtains. The laser blocking material provides ‘World Class’ laser blocking capability while being extremely light weight and flexible, ideal for everything from industrial laser curtains to operating room laser curtains.

The material is white on one side and black on the other side and will operate as a blackout screen as well as a laser-blocking screen. Both sides will block laser radiation but if the white side is used as the laser-blocking side, a higher specification of blocking will be achieved — making it suitable for higher power lasers.

Tested in accordance with NFP92-503 (Electrical Burner Test), the material is rated as M2. When irradiated with greater than 35 w/cm² it will emit a non-hazardous smoke and may glow, thus indicating that a stray beam is present. Protection times given by the material at various power densities are shown in the specifications below.

curtain specifications.jpg

The top of the curtain has brass eyelets (as seen in the picture on the right) every 6 inches and the curtain is supplied with a stainless steel hook for connecting to a curtain track. The weight of the material is 1.3 kg/sq m  (4.8oz/sq ft)


 Laser Curtain Features:

  • Custom Designed based on specific customer dimensions

  • UV, near infra red, far infra red, and visible light protection

  • CE Marked; EN 60825-4 Certified

  • Easily to wipe down; fire retardant

  • Class 3B and Class 4 Protection

  • Attach/Add Panels By Industrial Velcro

  • Capable of Interfacing with Laser Interlock System

Each Laser Blocking Curtain is custom designed based on specific customer need/application and delivered with a Certificate of Conformity label attached to every curtain. Click here for Conformity Document and click here for sample Conformity curtain label

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