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Laser Safety Products

When you're building out your facility to accomodate laser safety regulations and compliance standards, you may have questions about how to best accomplish these tasks. With a variety of products to choose from and arrangements to make for installation, there are many moving pieces that go into planning your facility's laser safety strategy.

Whether you’re in the process of building out a new laser safety setup or are rethinking portions of an existing one, RT Technologies has the products and expertise that you need to get your facility in top shape.

Laser Safety Products for the Workplace

When it comes to outfitting your workplace to comply with relevant laser safety standards, you need to think of the rooms where you’ll operate the lasers, the individuals who will be interacting with the laser machinery teracting with laser machinery, and the responsibility you have to individuals within your facility who unknowlingly come into contact with the laser machinery.

You’ll find the full lineup of laser safety equipment available from RT Technologies to be more than sufficient for meeting your laser safety needs. From fully protected laser safety enclosures to safety blinds and curtains and an array of LED warning signs, you can find the right combination of equipment to protect your facility and all who visit it.

Mini X-Ray Sign

Laser Safety Products for Personnel

Laser Eyewear

Whether your facility requires a full laser safety setup or just a few simple protective measures, your personnel will more than likely require some sort of protection when they interact with laser machinery and equipment on your premises.

Laser eyewear is a common safety precaution that you’ll need to consider for employees and guests to your facility. From protective eyewear for the dental facility to goggles specific for protecting against measured laser pulses, you can find a variety of laser safety eyewear among our expansive lineup of laser safety glasses and goggles.

For facilities that use higher power lasers, you can select from a lineup of shutters that allow your staff to operate machinery in a safe manner. If you require a custom setup, please reach out to learn more about our laser safety services.


Developing a Laser Safety Strategy

From setup to registration, implementing a laser safety strategy can include considerable coordination between your staff and the regulatory organizations you work with. If you’re looking for some assistance in getting your laser safety strategy off the ground, we can work with you and your staff to understand the requirements that are relevant to your laser safety program.

Our laser safety consultation services put you in touch with a professional to determine the best way to implement your laser safety strategy. We can help you work through compliance registration, as well as provide training for your staff as they learn to operate your laser equipment and properly utilize safety products.

Moreover, our laser safety experts are up-to-date on laser safety regulations and can provide the direction you need to complete compliance paperwork for your facility’s setup. We also provide turnkey services for certain products, such as laser safety enclosures which ensure your ability to maintain compliance with relevant regulatory standards.

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