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Laser Safety Consulting

RT Technologies provides US and International laser product certification and registration services.

RT Technologies provides complete, turn-key laser product certification/registration, product testing and laser safety program auditing services. Certified Laser Safety Officers (CLSO) and Laser Engineering Team provide unmatched industry laser safety expertise; customized solutions are delivered rapidly and affordably.

Laser Safety Industry Expertise

To sell products that contain lasers in the US and abroad, the required certification registration MUST be completed accurately and thoroughly. Failure to do so can significantly increase a new product’s ‘time to market’ and potentially add unwanted legal risk. Please send us the documentation listed in the Project Checklist and we can begin your Product Testing/Registration immediately!

Overview of our Laser Safety Consultancy Capabilities

Registration of Laser Products with the FDA


We compile and submit to the FDA a laser product report and obtain the accession number, which enables your laser product to be imported/exported and or sold in the USA.

  • CDRH (European equivalent) Product Certification
  • Laser Product Safety/Prototype Testing


Accredited testing for all laser products including LED torches, toys containing LEDs, IR illuminators, UV LED’s and other products containing LED’s.Full test report including details of:

  • Measurement test results

  • Accessible Emission Limits

  • Required Engineering Controls

  • Required Labeling

  • Required information in User Manual and Product Brochures

  • Failure modes of drive electronics and other reasonably foreseeable failures affecting safety


Laser Safety Program Assessment and Regulatory Compliance Audit. A typical audit package solution includes:


  • CLSO developed audit scope in conjunction with customer needs and required programmatic areas for review.

  • Onsite CLSO Visit to review and collect data

  • Final report complete with recommended corrective actions typically issued within 2-3 weeks of project commencement.

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