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Information and Warning Signs

Information and warning signs are a necessity for communicating with employees and visitors. When it comes to displaying important messages in your facility, crisp, clean illuminated signs are ideal for the job. From medical settings to laboratories, train stations and recording studios, there are illuminated signs for every setup.

Are you considering illuminated signage for your building? Look no further than the robust lineup of smart and LED sign options available from RT Technologies!

Large LED Display Signs 


Ultra LED Signs

Our Ultra LED signs communicate a single message brightly and across a large visual field. Often, a single large LED sign may be all you need in a bigger room or vestibule.

The benefits of using an Ultra LED sign are that it illuminates your messaging in bright, clear text that is easy to read, even from a distance. These signs are often seen in travel stations like airports, train depots, and ports, as well as in the medical setting. You can customize Ultra LED signs to communicate messaging about access, boarding updates, location-specific orientation, and more.

Weatherproof Ultra LED Signs

Our IP66 certified Ultra LED Display can withstand both water and dust. Go ahead, mount it on an outdoor wall!

Update large LED signs digitally with new messaging and colored type to keep your guests and employees up-to-date with important information regarding your facility or their travel schedule.

Weatherproof sign gif.gif

Small LED Display Signs

Small LED display signs have almost limitless applications and can be used everywhere from the workplace to the conference center or studio. With customizable text screens and subtle form, you can outfit every room in your facility with a small LED sign for communicating important messages with employees and guests.

Mini LED Signs

Mini LED signs are simple and elegant - perfect for

placement in conference center rooms or in a cruise

ship setting. The non-obtrusive design communicates

messaging when needed and is blank when you don’t

need to utilize the display.

When used outside of rooms or on equipment, mini

LED signs can display messages like “No Access” or

“Room in Use”. You can even select signs that have

two or three programmed messages to communicate

hazard and no-hazard messaging at any time.




Slim Jim LED Signs

Slim Jim LED signs are a shorter, narrow LED sign

that displays your message in a low profile yet

efficient manner. These signs can be used in

a similar fashion to mini LED sign, but are

particularly helpful and sleek in the professional

or medical setting.


Thin Profile & Backlit 

Please contact us with any questions or if you require a quote. We look forward to working with you!


Low Voltage (24V DC), Low Energy,                      Low Profile

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