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Custom Enclosures

RT Technologies, Inc. designs, supplies and installs Class 1 Laser Product and Laser Control Area (LCA) enclosures for high power lasers used in industry and research.

We assist machine integrators and laser users with custom laser enclosure / containment systems.   For example, we assist with table-top laser enclosures, and assembly-line configurations, to complete room-size robotic laser enclosures. All laser enclosures are delivered based on customer specifications and are tested and FDA certified to 21 CFR 1040, ANSI Z 136, EN 60825-4 (Safety of Laser Products Part 4 – Laser Guards).

To get started on a quote, please click the blue ‘Get a Quote’ button to download our Enclosure design worksheet.


Enclosures for laser products (something you are building for someone else – a group to group in your own company or outside sales) require certification with the FDA.  To clarify, this is MANDATORY.

All Custom Laser Enclosures include the items listed below:

  • Turn–key Project Management to ensure you get the right laser containment solution. Deliverables include:

    • Consultative Design Meetings (phone or onsite)

    • Complete Drawing Sets; Prototyping

    • Regulatory Certification on all Production Units

  • Design, manufacturing, and installation of enclosures supervised by Staff Certified Laser Safety Officer (CLSO)

  • UV, near infra red, far infra red, and visible light protection

  • CE Marked; EN 60825-4 Certified

  • Certified to Class 1 Level Protection (General Public Access)

  • Industrial laser enclosure design results in maximum ‘up time’ for laser and rugged enclosure structure

  • Easy Service Accessibility built into design

  • Complete FDA/CDRH Certification supplied!

  • Onsite Assembly of laser enclosures (if required)


Enclosure with roll-up door

Tamer Acoustic Enclosure  81814 (1)_edit

Custom Laser Enclosure Projects are designed and managed by our team of laser safety experts.  Each project is managed by a Certified Laser Safety Officer (CLSO).  The custom laser room is manufactured by our team of production professionals. All laser enclosure projects are routinely reviewed with customers at key milestones.

In addition, our CLSO is available for consulting and training. For instance, we offer over the phone or in person design consulting and training.

All laser containment systems can be outfitted with laser interlock systems to ensure safe personnel access via enclosure doors, windows and equipment hatches.

In addition,  we also offer laser safety products including laser warning signs, WiFi mobile cameras, and a full line of laser protective eyewear.

Please get in touch with us with any questions using the button below or by calling us at 770-332-0092
Black and White Enlosure.png

Enclosure with mezzanine

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