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Radiation Decon Solutions

The Quick Decon Solution family of products can significantly reduce time and personnel dose associated with ALL decontamination efforts and tasks

Nuke Away
  1. Safe & quick ionic-focused solution for radiation removal

  2. Cost Effective

  3. Safe surface radiation isotope remover

  4. First line for safe radiation defense

  5. Can be used on intact human skin

  6. Environmentally friendly

  7. Far superior to Radiacwash or any other similar product

  8. Effective on 63 different elements

RT Technologies is continually striving to promote safety in all that we do.  RT Technologies specializes in Laser Safety and applications for industrial, medical, research, defense, and commercial uses. Furthermore, RT Technologies is an industry consultant with Certified Laser Safety Officer (CLSO) professionals on staff.  As a result, we provide expertise for customers needing to meet US FDA, CFR, and IEC compliance regulations and standards.

RT Technologies, your laser safety resource, is the exclusive North American distributor for Lasermet LTD.  Lasermet is a worldwide leader in laser safety. Visit our online Resource page to view product brochures, manuals and videos. 

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Larry Bischoff
Holland American Group
Seattle, WA

“We had multiple ships that needed custom LED Traffic signs to be installed in the Engine Control Room and Bridge entrances.  RT Technologies provided timely service and excellent communication.  The ship reports they are very happy with the systems.”

Dr. Barry Bartusiak,
DMD Bartusiak Dental Care
Washington, PA

"We count on RT Technologies for all of our laser safety needs. They have provided us with the correct laser safety eyewear for our laser-based dental procedures. Their customer service team has been extremely responsive to our needs while providing us 'peace of mind' with respect to our laser safety practices."

Stephen Hung

Industrial Engineering

Troy Design and Manufacturing

Redford, MI

"RT Technologies supplied a turn-key, industrial laser booth enclosure for us several years ago.  The enclosure was delivered on time and installed directly in accordance with our requirements.  I appreciate the support RT provided us with getting the cell initially installed and later moved and re-configured/modified."


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Tomorrow's Technology Today

RT Technologies, your laser safety resource, is dedicated to providing state of the art solutions for our customer’s safety requirements. Contact us today to learn how we can take care of your business needs.

Call (770) 332-0092 or email us at

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