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Industrial, Workplace and Healthcare Ultra LED Signs

The Ultra Range of LED warning signs offer state of the art LED technology signs for industry in a highly aesthetic design.

These workplace and industrial LED signs are suitable for use in hospitals, laboratories, factories, cruise ships, passenger terminals, oil rigs and any other location where a large, durable, aesthetically pleasing LED sign is required.

Our industrial workplace signs include: laser warning sign, danger x-ray sign, access prohibited sign, do not enter sign, open/closed signs and passenger boarding signs

Ultra LED Signs

Ultra Slimline Design

Ultra X-RAY LED Sign

At a slimline 1 inch thick, these LED signs will not cause any kind of obstruction or hazard, no matter where they are mounted. Constructed of an aluminum extrusion with textured matt black powder coat finish, molded black plastic end caps and tinted acrylic front panel, they have a neat, professional appearance.

Custom Text and Colors to Suit Any Application

In addition to the range of standard signs, we can create custom legends and graphics to your specification, in any color. Dual message signs which display different messages in red and green within the same area of the sign (see our mini LED sign technology for examples of this), can also be created.

Ultra LED signs

Variable Brightness Signs

The Ultra range of LED signs incorporates a variable brightness control. By default, the signs are configured to vary their output to match the background illumination. This avoids signs becoming ‘flooded out’ by sunlight or other illumination, or being overly bright in darker conditions. It also means the signs will save power in low light conditions. Alternatively, the signs can be fixed at full brightness or the brightness can be controlled externally by applying a control voltage (0 – 24 VDC).

High Quality Backlit LED Signs

A high quality display is achieved, using the backlighting technique, which avoids the pixilation effect of matrix LED signs. Unlike matrix signs, complex symbols and shapes can also be displayed – as shown in many of these pictures.

Low Voltage Secret LED Sign

The signs operate from 24 VDC, which is safer and cheaper to install than mains wiring. The sign is secret when not lit, and the front panel tint is balanced for maximum contrast.

Dual Redundancy

The signs include a redundancy, in the form of dual LED illuminator boards. Full redundancy can be provided by ordering a second control board (part no: LEDS-ULT-CB). Fitting the second board inside the sign provides complete redundancy in case of LED or control board failure. The sign can then be run from a single supply or dual supplies for highly safety critical applications.

Maintenance Free

An operation lifetime of 50,000 hours makes the signs virtually maintenance-free.


Ultra signs are available in either Standard or Large Size. Standard size is 18.5 inches wide, while the Large size is 31.1 inches wide. Both options are seven inches high and just one inch thick.

Single or Multi Aspect Signs

The signs are single aspect but can be connected together to form multi-aspect signs.  Backboxes are available in single, double, triple or quadruple aspect signs, or the signs can be connected with plastic trim.

Ultra LED Signs Specifications

Ultra LED Signs Information

Please contact us with any questions or if you require a quote. We look forward to working with you!

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