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 Workplace & Industrial Signs

RT Technologies provides a complete portfolio of workplace & industrial signs.  We offer contemporary LED signs (low profile LED and large display LED) and traditional illuminated laser warning signs for all applications.  Custom wording for the display is available on all warning sign displays, and both single-aspect signs and double or dual aspect signs are available.

Extra low profile, low voltage (24V DC), low energy warning signs. These signs are available as one state (one message – yellow text) or two state (two messages – red and green text).  Typically, the sign is hard wired to 24V which triggers the message of the sign.  Alternatively, a power supply with 2 or 3 way switch is available.  This power supply also converts 110V to 24V.  This wall or desk mountable unit has clear visual indication of the sign state.  It includes an LED in the end of the switch toggle which lights up the color of the sign.  In addition, custom wording is available at an additional charge.


These workplace LED signs are suitable for use in hospitals, laboratories, factories, cruise ships, passenger terminals, oil rigs and any other location where a large, durable, aesthetically pleasing LED sign is required.

State of the art LED technology in a highly aesthetic design, these slimline room information signs can be mounted at any height without causing obstruction or hazard.


The Slim Jim is thin profile backlit LED sign. These workplace LED signs run directly from mains power with no additional power supply or transformer.  In addition, it fits UK, US and European mains power single and double socket back-boxes.  The dimensions of this sign are:  14″ x 4″ x 0.4″ (355 x 105 x 11mm).

Slim Jim Occupied Transparent.png

Please contact us with any questions or if you require a quote. We look forward to working with you!

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