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Is there a first aid type kit for radiation? Yes, there is!

For the first time, using one easy Emergency RadDecon Kit you can safely, quickly, and significantly remove radioactive material from both yourself (intact skin and hair) and other surfaces. With this all-in-one kit you have everything you need to safely decontaminate yourself, your family, and all your important possessions in the event of a radiation emergency.

For more information, please visit our website: Emergency RadDecon Kit

May be Used on Intact Human Skin!

The kit includes:

  • Synthetic gloves for use during decontamination process (3 pair).

  • Specialized Rad-Wipes (45 per package).

  • Rad-Waste Trash Bags (2).

  • Caution Labels (4) (Radioactive Material) for use with Trash Bags.

  • Instructions for Use conveniently displayed on inside lid of case.

  • MSDS Data Sheets (in manual, one for Each Solution – Color Coded) more information

  • A convenient and sturdy hard plastic carrying case easily identifiable as an Emergency RadDecon Kit™ by its yellow and purple color scheme.


Our products are currently in use to remove radioactive material in many nuclear power plants, in nuclear waste facilities and in hospitals with nuclear medicine departments throughout the United States and abroad. With the introduction of our new “all in one kit” we can now offer our products to the general public. Now our scientifically formulated products are available to all emergency staff including first responders, fireman and police.

The Quick Decon QDTM Solution is extremely desirable to use for Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) RX Cavity cleaning and use in general at NPP’s because of its unique ability to remove the radioactive contaminants from solution WITHOUT binding or affecting the resin binding sites. The Decon solution has NO Ionics (available free radicals) and contains no detergents ---and thus is ‘inert’ to the resin materials. Thus, the active ‘sites’ for the Rad Waste resins are left uncompromised/unused and available to filter out the targeted contaminants from the RCS, etc.
For the above reasons, and because the Quick Decon QDTM solution is 98% H2O, it passes straight through the resins with no negative effects.

If you have questions, or would like a quote, please contact us! Contact information below.

RT Technologies, Inc.


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