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Laser Safety for Industrial Applications

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

High powered lasers are frequently used in industrial applications. Their widest use is in the processing of materials including cutting, drilling, and welding. New applications are being developed all the time. In addition, laser processing can be controlled by computers. Lasers make it possible to effectively cut or drill through materials that are either too brittle or too pliable to be worked with contact tools. Laser welding applications fuse materials together. Higher intensities are generally required to heat and melt the materials.

Laser Hazards

Lasers must be used to protect against potential hazards to employees. The type of laser, the wavelength at which it operates, and the application being used are factors that determine appropriate safety measures. Exposure to laser radiation can damage eyes and skin. Other laser hazards in the workplace include toxic fumes, chemical spills, and laser produced fires. The occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) publishes specific guidelines for laser usage in the workplace.

Laser Safety

Laser safety enclosures are required to provide safety in many industrial environments. Controls are required at the entryway to the laser controlled area. Interlocks and protective housings must cover the equipment or the path of the beam. Barriers and curtains must be designed to withstand the intensity of the laser beam.

RTT provides laser containment systems for industrial users. Tabletop enclosures, assembly line configurations, and room size robotic laser enclosures are available. They provide UV, near infra-red, far infra-red, and visible light protection. All our laser containment systems can be outfitted with laser interlock systems to ensure safe personnel access via enclosure doors, windows, and equipment hatches. Optional closed circuit monitoring systems are available. Design, manufacturing, and installation of our enclosures are supervised by a Staff Certified Laser Safety Officer (CLSO). Our products are FDA/CHRH certified to ANSI and EN specifications.

RT Technologies Services

Additional RTT laser safety products include laser warning signs, WiFi mobile camera, and a full line of laser protective eyewear. We can also provide customized laser safety training courses.

For more information on our products, please contact RT Technologies, inc. at 770-332-0092, or email us at


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